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How to choose the engagement ring

You have found THE ONE and the moment has come to make a commitment. Buying an engagement ring is not to be taken lightly as it is something your one and only will wear for the rest of your lives together.

For the uninitiated, here are guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect engagement ring:

1. What is your budget?

A good benchmark is spending two months' salary on an engagement ring, however, you should not put yourself in debt either. It is better to set a budget as a starting point. Engagement rings come at every budget, by determining how much you would spend will narrow your choices.

2. What does she like?

Start by asking her mother (it would also win you brownie points with your future mother-in-law) or her best friend. Take a look at what she normally wears. What is her style? Simple sophistication? Hip and trendy? Sporty and adventurous?
i. Determine is she prefers yellow or white gold.
ii. Does she want a diamond? Of course, DeBeers would tell you yes, but not all women feel the same.
iii. What type of setting or mount?

3. Choose a jeweler


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Gifts for Women

Every woman should have a classic set of jewelry that she can wear anywhere, day or night, rain or shine. Jewelry essentials should be as follows: a set of earring, pendant with chain or necklace, ring and a bracelet. Following this list, keep everything simple, uncomplicated and you will give her something she’ll cherish beyond fashion trends and fancy.


Earrings: Is an easy way to bring attention to one’s face. When chosen properly, it is subtle, simple and unassuming. Earrings should not compete with a woman’s natural beauty, but enhance it, thus stay away from large, overwhelming pieces that would detract attention from its wearer.

Studs are perfect as a gift, as they go with everything. From casual look to formal elegance, studs will go a long way. If your wallet permits, a nice pair of diamond studs would be a great addition to her wardrobe. If not, pearl studs are great too. Classy, opulent, simply elegant!

Hoop earrings are also great. They do not come off as easily, so you’ll be sure that they will not fall off her ears. Simple metal hoops are great for every day wear. They bring attention to her face in a subtle manner as not to compete with her natural beauty, but enhance it. Simple metal hoop earrings take a casual look up a notch. For those who want to take it a level higher, you should look into hoop earrings with gemstones in them.



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