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Jewelry Gift Guide



Jewelry is a very personal gift. Giving a piece of jewelry shows the person you are giving it to that they are more than just an acquaintance, thus special care should be used to select the right piece. As with any other type of gifts, the type of jewelry you would give someone is dependant on your relationship and on the individual. Are they up-to-date on all that is trendy? Do they have a classic style? The reason why one would give a piece is because we want it to be with that person all the time. Thus when in doubt, it is best to find simple classic pieces that would endure the test of time. The latest fashion jewelry may be nice and get you that wow effect, but like any fashion trend, once it is passed, it will sure to end up at the bottom of the jewelry box. Here are a few guidelines on what to get that special someone.

Chosing Gifts for Women
Chosing Gifts for Men
Chosing Gifts for Children
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Gifts for Women

Necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelets and rings, these are the basic piece of jewelry you would find in a woman’s jewelry box. Of course there is the occasional brooch, but not many women wear brooches today. Following this list, keep everything simple, uncomplicated and you will give her something she’ll cherish beyond fashion trends and fancy.

How to choose a jewelry gift:

  1. Keep everything simple and uncomplicated.
  2. Heavier pieces look more sophisticated than tiny fragile pieces.
  3. Do not go to big and bold.


Necklaces and pendants are a good choice as a gift. From elegant and opulent to chic and organic, nothing adorns a neck better than a necklace or pendant.


Giving a ring is the most personal jewelry gift. To give a ring shows you know the woman well. How else would you know her ring size. It you do not know her ring size, it is advised to give something that does not require resizing as most jewelers charge for the service. Moreover, when resizing, if not done properly, would affect the durability of the ring.

Types of rings:

Cocktail rings: These are big bold rings that grab attention. Normally adorned with a shimmering gemstone, the cocktail ring is a must for any fashionista. They come in a variety of colour, shape and style.

Band: Simple, unassuming, this is a ring that can be worn everyday. You can have it engraved to add that personal touch.


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Gifts for men

Buying jewelry for a man is not obvious. You don’t want to give anything too opulent else your guy will look like he came right out of a gangster movie or a music video.

Cufflinks: Every man should have a pair of cufflinks. A French cuff on a shirt just doesn’t look right with the original buttons. A pair of cufflinks takes the look a step up. Choose a pair in silver or gold that can match any shirt, suit and tie.

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