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Jewelry Essentials - What every woman should have in her jewelry box



Every woman should have a classic set of jewelry that is simple and versatile. Building a jewelry wardrobe doesn't have to be overly expensive and does not need to include many pieces, just essentials that would stand the test of time and trends. Jewelry essentials should be as follows: a set of earring, pendant with chain or necklace, ring and a bracelet. Following this list, keep everything simple, uncomplicated so that you don't have to buy a new piece with every new outfit.


Is an easy way to bring attention to one’s face. When chosen properly, it is subtle, simple and unassuming. Earrings should not compete with a woman’s natural beauty, but enhance it, thus stay away from large, overwhelming pieces that would detract attention from its wearer.

Studs are perfect as a gift, as they go with everything. From casual look to formal elegance, studs will go a long way. If your wallet permits, a nice pair of diamond studs would be a great addition to her wardrobe. If not, pearl studs are great too. Classy, opulent, simply elegant!

Hoop earrings are also great. They do not come off as easily, so you’ll be sure that they will not fall off your ears. Simple metal hoops are great for every day wear. They bring attention to your face in a subtle manner as not to compete with her natural beauty, but enhance it. Simple metal hoop earrings take a casual look up a notch. For those who want to take it a level higher, you should look into hoop earrings with gemstones on them. A caveat is to avoid large overly showy hoops. These large hoops take away the focus on your face and the trends come and go.

Necklaces and pendants

A necklace is a staple in a woman’s jewelry wardrobe. A nice piece can easily be worn without any additional jewelry. It adorns the neck and brings out the delicate features of the neck, chest and shoulders.

Drop necklaces



Tennis bracelets: a must in any women’s jewelry box. Tennis bracelets are sturdy and make an impact. For the woman who has it all, a tennis bracelet is a great addition.

Tennis Bracelet


Charm Bracelets: These are popular as there are charms to symbolize, commemorate any event, emotion, interest. A plus with this bracelet is you can make it into a tradition. At every segway in your life, you can get a charm to remind you of that period of your life.



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